How to keep your dog's dental health, while also having fun. The best solution.

We brush our teeth every day, but what about our dogs? Do our beloved pets need special dental care?

The answer is yes! And here's why:

Imagine yourself, If you do not brush your teeth every day, they will lose its whiteness. Soon tartar will appear on them, followed by gum problems. Not to mention the stale breath!

The same thing happens with dogs. Even with an ideal diet, veterinarians recommend giving the pet dental toys and goodies.

The most common problems - plaque, tartar may appear suddenly, followed by gum problems. Often these problems may cause: plaque leads to stone formation, and tartar leads to gingivitis (inflammation and bleeding gums).

Plaque can be easily removed in the first stages, but tartar in the absence of treatment completely destroys the tooth. How to avoid this?

  1. The right diet.

  2. Brush your pet’s teeth.

Use a special dog toothbrush and toothpaste to clean their teeth.

Such dog toys can solve several problems at once: remove plaque, massage gums, eliminate unpleasant odors, occupy the dog and satisfy its natural chewing instinct.

Maintain the health of your pet through an exciting game!