BRINGERPET 30"x20" Puppy Pet Potty Training Pee Indoor Toilet Dog Grass Pad Mat + Artificial Grass for Dogs (3 pcs) : Pet Supplies

$82.99 $110
  • Puppy Pet Potty Training Pee Indoor Toilet Dog Grass will make easy to puppy training because it has a 3 layer system design - a soft, sturdy grass mat that is placed on top of the porous tray, allowing the liquid to drain into the lower sturdy collection tray.
  • This created from durable artificial grass that mimics real grass to make potty training easier. The artificial grass cushion is treated with an odor control system to absorb odors. This thing has a size of about 30"x20".
  • It is very easy to clean and care for - removable 3-layer construction with prefabricated lower tray facilitates cleaning of the home training cover on the toilet after use. To clean, simply wash your pet's grass with soapy water.
  • Replacement Artificial Grass - its natural, realistic Grass Pad. this is 30 inches by 20 inches about - it means that this thing is perfectly suitable for Puppy Pet Potty Training Pee Indoor Toilet. This is very friendly to pets because made of high-quality material.
  • You do not assembly for pet turf grass, it is a reusable and secondary grass patch. It is very easy to clean, use soap and rinse it under warm water for 10 minutes, then let it dry.