BringerPet | Dog Back Seat Cover | High-Quality Waterproof Seat Cover (Hammock Style)

$25.20 $50

Main Features:

    • Our seat cover will help you to take your pet for a drive without worrying about getting your vehicle dirty.
    • Dirt, spills, dog fur or claw marks are not the problem anymore!
      • BringerPet developed high-quality, reliable waterproof materials to create our seat covers.
      • We produce them with the double seam, metal carbine (instead of plastic one), and heavy duty zipper.
        • The seat cover is padded to offer desirable comfort to your beloved pet.
        • It  has the silicone non-slip backing which keeps the cover safely positioned on the car seat.
        • The unique construction makes this cover very easy to fix in the car or remove when not needed, like a breeze.
        • Well made fabric is easy to clean and dry.
      • BEST VALUE:
        • Ordering the cover you also receive bonuses:
        • - SEAT BELT
        • - NYLON BAG, which helps you to store the cover when not in use!

          If you want to take your beloved pet everywhere you go but hate it when the car gets messy with dog hair, mud stains, spills or claw marks - grab our pet seat cover and stop worrying about an untidy vehicle.

          Additional features:

          ✓ Our cover is excellent for pets up to 80 pounds.
          ✓ It's easy to clean and dry - use a vacuum cleaner, hose or even a wet cloth to wipe them clean.
          ✓ Triple layer padded cover protects your car seat from fur, dirt, mud, scratches, etc.

          ✓ Adjustable straps fit it entirely on the bench seats - easy to fix and remove.
          ✓ This cover has an advanced hammock feature to keep your pet off from jumping on to the front seat or dirtying the car floor.
          ✓ It has with side flaps to protect the doors as well - the side flaps can be folded in if you don’t wish to use them.
          ✓ The cover comes with Velcro openings to fit in the seat belts such that there is no compromise on safety.
          ✓ The anti-slip backing keeps the cover in place, so the seat remains well protected - moreover, it prevents a dog from slipping, sliding & falling over - a comfortable ride for the dog too.

          We also offer 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!

          So what are you waiting for?😉

          ORDER NOW! and get this pet-friendly seat cover for your pet, or for a buddy who loves to travel with a pet!

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