BringerPet Dog Drinking Water Fountain - Step On (delivery only to the USA)

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  • CONTINUOUS FRESH WATER supply ensures your dog can quench his thirst 24 x 7 even in your absence – with our pet fountain for dogs never again worry about forgetting to refill the water bowl
  • ENCOURAGES MORE CONSUMPTION as pets crave for flowing water and improves overall health – water fountain for dogs also eliminates the risk of water-borne diseases caused by stagnant water!
  • EASY TO USE dog drinking fountain can be conveniently connected to a faucet or hose offers a gentle stream of water with a simple push on the paw design and allows easy adjustment of stream force!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY fountain for dogs boasts a sturdy metallic build, durable hose, BRASS VALVE instead of a cheap plastic one and a good-quality paint that ensures high rust resistance
  • 100% RISK-FREE SATISFACTION GUARANTEE on this dog pet fountain, instructions & methodology for quickly training pets to use it and included special crane Y adapter for hoses make it an unbeatable deal!