Custom Fleece Blanket with Hope

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Special offer for fans Hope @havinghopealways
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You will get fleece blanket with image Hope!!
History about Hope:
Hope was the product of a backyard breeder in Missouri.  She was born without eyes and is completely deaf.  Her breeder wanted to destroy her because she could not be used for breeding but his wife stepped in and said that Hope would be her dog.  When the breeder's wife died several years later, he surrendered Hope to a rescue group with a choke chain around her neck.  Hope then stayed in a wonderful foster home until Lauren Kramer discovered her on the rescue's website.  Even though she is blind and deaf, nothing stops Hope from living her best life!  She is on a mission to show the world that being differently-abled does not mean disabled.

It’s soft and warm just like your precious pet that means the world to you. Now both of you can snuggle up in a blanket with a picture of your pet. Get your custom Fleece Blanket!
Size guide:
Puppy Blanket Size - 40" x 30"
Medium Blanket Size - 60" x 50"
Large Blanket Size - 80" x 60" 

  • Ultra plush soft fleece material
  • Finished edges to prevent fraying