BringerPet | Double Dog Leash | No Tangle Dual Dog Leash | Double Dog Walker

$11.20 $16
  • ONE LEASH TWO DOGS: It is a double dog leash that relieves the stress and tangles that come along with walking both of your dogs at the same time. It allows you to walk two dogs together without having to deal with two separate leash handles.
  • DOUBLE DOG LEASH NO TANGLE FEATURE: Controls the pulling for you, without any extra effort needed by the walker. Preventing the lines from crossing and becoming tangled. It absorbs the pulling and gives you the break that you so dearly need.
  • QUALITY UNDER CONTROL: Crafted from strong reinforced braided nylon polyester for durable use. Designed with Lightweight Cushion Grip Handle and Quick-hook Stainless Steel Snap. Perfect for small and large dogs even over 500 lbs.
  • SWIVEL CAPABILITY: The strong swivel construction allows you to walk your dogs with less frustration and more freedom. The coupler will automatically adjust itself when they crisscross each other without the walker's hassle of having to untangle them.

The leash is made from heavy-duty materials and every leash hooks we make is strength tested on two dogs to ensure they are properly working. It features the personalized advanced technology: No pull, comfort, injury-free, strain-off, shock absorption and safety-focused protection advantages.

Superior Quality

BringerPer takes great effort to satisfy each of dog walkers. It’s made of heavy-duty braided nylon polyester. Excellent abrasion resistance; Durability: its high tenacity fibers are used for twin dog lead over 500 lbs. The more compact molecular structure makes good specific strength.

Advantage Vary From Others

Tangle-free: Automatically adjust when crisscrossing.

No pull: Strain and injury prevention from constant or sudden pulling.

Training concept: For the canine’s hip muscles and stabilizers on every walk

Coupler well control leash allows you to walk two dogs together without having to deal with two separate leash handles.

Material: Braided Nylon Polyester

Color: Blue and Black

Length: 4.6FT;