Puppy Electric Hair Shedding Grooming Brush Unload Vacuum Cleaner Trimmer

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Item Description:

·    Materialplastic + rubber

·    Size19*11*6 cm

·    ColorSilver

·    Item Typebrush pet hair remover

·    Quantity1pc

·    Weight280g  

·    Power supply: 3 pcs aa battery (batteries not included in)

·    BrandComzendle



·    Hair care of your pet and keep your pet well cared for, and will not hurt the pet Need for dog, cat or other pet with hair.

·    Massage nubs and gentle suction removes shedding fur without harsh bristles or pulling.

·    Features a hair collection canister.


How To Use:

·    Let your dog can see and feel the machines. it is suggested to choose a room with sound, such as radio and television.

·    We start with a movement of the brush in a head to tail direction with empty off, it's going to get.

·    After your pet is comfortable to turn on the vacuum and loose hair back while continuing the movement of tooth.

·    The most effective is a long game, picking up a surface. at the end of the race.


Package Included:

·    1x brush pet hair remover

·    1x rubber


·    After grooming, you're supposed to be gentle and careful, not hard, in order to avoid injury to your pet.

·    Follow the advice of cleaning to ensure that wheels are free of obstacles.

·    Make sure that the battery cover is in place, using.

·    If the machine stops or slows down during use. follow. instructions to remove the cleaning, such as long fiber, yarn, lint, hair, and so on.