Kong toys for dogs: everything you need to know

Why should I buy a Kong toy for my dog?


Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs. It is good for teeth and gums and many dogs already consider it a pleasant way to pass the time. A Kong is therefore an ideal toy for your dog, which he can occupy himself with for a long time (depending on the level of difficulty).

Problem behavior

Once you've taught your dog to have fun with the Kong in your presence, you can also leave your dog alone with the Kong. This can prevent your pet from barking excessively or demolishing things in your house when you are away from home.

Beginners and advanced

If your dog has no experience with the Kong toy yet, it is wise to make it very easy in the beginning. Fill the toy with chunks of the dog’s favorite treats that fall out almost by themselves. This way, it becomes an interesting game for the dog and the dog will stay motivated longer.

Avoid frustration and stress

The intention is to make your dog like the Kong toy and be rewarded for its efforts. If it takes too long and it is too difficult to get the contents out, your dog will only get frustrated and even hate the Kong. To prevent this, build up the difficulty level gradually. For this reason, it is important that you stay with your dog after first giving it the Kong, so you can see how he reacts to the toy.

Snack or meal?

Are you worried that your dog is getting too fat? Place your dog's entire meal in the Kong instead of its food bowl. This way your dog has to work for its food and it won't get fat from extra treats.

Which Kong to choose for my dog?

The red Kong Classic is familiar to most people and also suitable for most dogs. However, some dogs quickly bite through the red Kong. The black Kong was created for those dogs. This one is stronger but some dogs can also bite through it. There is also a softer Kong for puppies and older dogs who have difficulty chewing. These different types of Kongs are also available in different sizes. Therefore, you should take a good look at the packaging of the Kong toy to determine whether it is suitable for your dog.


There are no indestructible dog toys. Therefore, let your dog play with the Kong under supervision first, so that you can see if the dog is handling the toy safely and not biting pieces of it off. The black Kong Extreme may be best suited for the strongest jaws but even then safety remains an important aspect. You don’t want your dog to bite off a piece and choke on it.


If you have a household with several dogs that each need their own type of Kong, make sure that the largest, strongest dog cannot accidentally get hold of the smallest Kong. Otherwise, he could swallow it in one bite.

Clean the Kong well after use

Sometimes leftovers are left behind in the Kong toy. To prevent them from rotting and getting covered with mold, it is important to clean the Kong regularly. Kong dog toys are dishwasher safe.

What do you put in a Kong toy for dogs?

Everyone sets their own criteria. One person only wants to feed their dog raw meat, the other prefers kibble. Fill the Kong with what you consider healthy for your dog. It also depends on whether you use the Kong for meals or just for snacks.

Mash, soak, melt and freeze

You can process the ingredients for Kong toy fillings in many ways. You can challenge dogs with more experience by freezing the contents or by melting cheese in the microwave and using it as cement for kibble. For example, you can first soak kibble and then freeze it.
Just make sure you only give a frozen Kong to dogs with a strong stomach.

Where can you buy a Kong toy?

You can go to your local pet store for a Kong, but you can also order online.