How to choose a cat bed your pet will love?

What should you pay attention to when choosing a bed for your cat?

A good cat basket is an indispensable accessory for your cat, as these creatures love to have their own places to rest. When buying a new cat bed, it is important to consider in advance which one suits you best, but more importantly, which one best suits your pet and its character. Here are some of the most important things to consider when selecting a cat bed:


To guarantee your cat a good rest, it is important to make sure that the cat fits well in the cat bed. Many cat beds are covered to give the animal a sense of security. If you choose a covered basket, it is important that you check whether the animal fits in it. Choose a basket that suits your pet's height and weight.
There are many cat beds that come in one size, so check this carefully. Most baskets are suitable for medium-sized cats. If you have a very tall or obese pet, you should pay more attention to the features of the product you want to purchase, especially if the entrance to the basket is covered.


The lining of the cat bed is the part that provides a more or less pleasant feeling for your pet. It also serves to keep the basket in one place. The outside of a cat bed can be made of cotton, plush, foam, wool, leather, latex or plastic, among other things. Do not forget to adjust your choice of material to the time of the year.
For example, cotton and wool are optimal for the winter, while felt or wicker will mainly be used for cat beds in warm climates.
If you want to put the cat bed in the garden, it is better to look for waterproof materials such as plastic or latex. Or a sleeping bag that is warm inside and covered with plastic on the outside to insulate it from the moisture.


The filling material of the bed is the key to comfort. For example, there are fillings with a special insulating effect to block the cold coming from the floor. However, the most important characteristic of a good filling is that it feels soft and comfortable for the cat.
The most common filler is foam, although if you have an older cat or a cat with joint problems, look for a basket filled with viscoelastic foam. If your pet suffers from allergies, opt for a cotton, wool or feather basket. Hammocks or wicker beds, suitable for the summer, often come with a pillow. In other cases, you can choose the pillow yourself.


cat bed

It is important to choose the design of a cat bed based on the size of your pet and the way it sleeps. This is the only way you can be sure that your cat will feel comfortable and lie down in its bed. There are many different types of cat beds, depending on the shape they are. Below you will find an overview of the most common types of cat beds:

 If you have a cat that:
Then buy a cat bed that meets the following characteristics:
Sleeps in a stretched position
Pillow type. There are smooth models and there are models with raised edges to support the head.
Sleeps curled up in a ball
Covered model. That is, with a covered area where your pet can shelter to sleep safely.
Is often cold
Sleeping bag type. These provide the opportunity to sleep on when it is warm and to sleep and warm up inside when it cools down.
Likes heights
Hammock kind. There are cat baskets that you can hang on the wall or the window so that the cat can sleep at an elevated height.
Likes to scratch its nails
Scratching post type. There are cat baskets with shapes and materials that are suitable for a cat's nails so that your furniture or bedding does not get scratched.

Place in the house

If you want to place a cat bed in your house, it is best to choose a place that your cat already likes to visit. Cats choose a place themselves, so keep an eye on where they often lie and place the basket there. If your cat prefers to be outside, find a model that can withstand moisture and is warm at the same time. If your pet likes to sit on the couch, put a basket that fits on top.
If your cat gets cold quickly or is suspicious and likes to hide, choose a covered basket as a kind of house with a roof or, for example, a sleeping bag shape. However, if the cat prefers to spend hours looking out the window or lying on a tall piece of furniture, the hammock shape will be the best option.