How to take care of your dog's paws in winter?

Many dogs suffer from cold paws in winter. At the same time, dogs also like to enjoy winter walks which is precisely why you need to take good care of your four-legged friend’s paws. The cold is not the only culprit, protecting your dog against road salt is also highly recommended.

A pedicure for the walk

Dogs with long hair between the toes should get this hair trimmed regularly during colder months. This prevents the accumulation of ice or snow under the legs and between the soles of the feet. Your dog's nails should also get a pedicure. They can break down faster on the frozen cold ground during the daily walk. Make sure not to cut them too short and if necessary, ask the vet for advice.

Protecting your dog’s paws during winter walks

Before you go outside, rub your dog’s paws with the Pet Balance leg balm, petroleum jelly or any specialized paw protection product. If the pads of your dog’s feet become frozen or covered with road salt, this can cause painful discomfort to the dog while walking. Foot sole creams can protect the paws and make them supple and resilient against cracking again. This is especially important with puppies, because they do not yet have calluses and the soles are therefore extra sensitive.

If your dog doesn’t allow you to put the cream on the paws, you can use Beaphar Footpad Spray or a similar product. Sprays are much easier and quicker to apply. The spray is especially suitable for protecting dog and cat footpads against road salt, dirt and extreme soil temperatures. It softens the pads of the paws and helps prevent chapping, cracks and irritation.

The best solution for sensitive or injured paws are protective shoes for dogs. Just like we wear sturdy shoes in the winter, these shoes also provide extra protection to your dog’s paws and prevent injuries. Dog shoes can also protect against sharp objects that may be covered by a layer of snow.

How to take care of your dog’s paws after a walk?

Have you been walking your dog in the snow? Then you can clean its paws with Beaphar Animal Wipes or similar products that gently clean the paws. In this way, residual road salt is removed. Do not forget this step, otherwise, your dog can lick its paws clean. Leftover road salt can end up in the stomach, causing unpleasant consequences. You can also use wipes to remove the excess product that has protected your pet’s paws during the walk.

A brisk walk is often accompanied by dirty legs. You can use a dog drying mat as a handy way to keep the floor clean. This microfibre paw cleaner also helps to clean your dog's paws. Do you often take a walk for which you have to cover a distance by car? Put this paw cleaner in the car, so you always have a solution at hand and everything stays tidy.