How to get your dog to pee?

Raising a puppy begins with accustoming him to cleanliness and hygiene. Teaching a peeing dog should be based on a good attitude and an extremely positive reinforcement. Dogs, like many animals, are clean by nature, so puppies quickly learn hygiene lessons. To do this, the least is necessary - the correct actions of the owner and attentive attitude to the puppy in the first days of his stay in your house, and you may start toilet training. An extremely important question arises: How to teach a dog to pee? - this is what we`ll discuss today in this article.


What Age Should a Dog Be Potty Trained?

It’s impossible to accustom a puppy to the dog potty grass immediately. Potty train a puppy requires patience. Start a house train an animal to go to the toilet in a designated place is expected from the moment the puppy enters the house as it may keep peeing and pooping from the first days staying in your home. Remove carpets, carpet paths - coverings attract puppies and keep a smell. Remember, the older the dog, the more difficult it is to accustom to the potty area for dogs in apartments.

Choose a Spot

Try to look at the behavior of the baby. The puppy chooses the dog potty spot, guided by instincts that indicate the boundaries of the territory that it is supposed to mark. Favorite places are places near the door, balcony, under the window. Perhaps the dog is constantly going to the bathroom or prefers to pee in a dark, closed from prying eyes, corner- just put the trays there. Speaking about a bathroom, try to give your pet unlimited access there and remove the rugs first. Small puppies can’t simply have time to run to the right place. When your pet becomes an adult, reduce toilets to two. Sometimes the dog in the absence of the owner does not pee in the designated place. A mistake can be triggered by several factors. Take a look, perhaps for an adult animal, the tray has become small and uncomfortable. Perhaps the person has been absent for too long. Dogs do not like to go to a dirty toilet; they have to pee in another place. In the case mentioned, put an additional pallet to get your dog to pee.


Watch out for the signs

It is supposed to pick up and designate a place that implies a toilet. If you want to teach your dog to pee, you have to learn and understand when a pet wants to relieve itself. Track the behavior. In most cases, the animals begin to get nervous, squat, and look for a secluded place. It is important not to miss the right moment. If you notice such changes in the behavior of the pet, urgently carry the dog to the apartment dog potty and wait for it to cope. The puppy is ready to go to the toilet after sleep, food, or active games. When the process is completed, and the puppy is satisfied, the dog should be praised in a joyful voice, it is permissible to treat the baby with delicious food.

Some steps for teaching your dog to pee and poop

The easiest way to teach a puppy to pee to show how its  mother walks in the tray, instinctively puppy will begin to imitate her. Although after arriving at a new home, it will have to help remember this skill, because it will be too excited about the changes.

Accustoming the dog to the tray, you need to act calmly so as not to cause the dog unpleasant sensations. The dog may not immediately understand what the tray is for. The best way is to Train to Go on Command.  In this case, you can’t raise your voice on a pet, beat it or forcefully hold it in a tray and teach a dog to pee. Such actions will cause the dog’s fear associated with the tray, and the dog will be afraid to use it.

 The sooner you start to train a dog, the more chances there are of soon success. A puppy in an apartment without other animals will not be distracted, which means that training will go more intensively. Put the trays in each room so as not to carry the puppy being 'in the process' through the whole house. It will be great if one of the household members can control the puppy's natural needs at night. In general, 2 weeks is enough to explain the puppy what the tray is for. Then you just need to control it and encourage it. The dog usually learns within 2 months and gets Potty Trained. Finally, try to spend some time with the baby inseparably, maybe even take a vacation, because regular training is the main guarantee of success. Puppies usually go to the toilet after sleep and after feeding

You will not be understood at first, but be persistent and do not let the dog go until she goes to the toilet. When things are done, you need to praise the puppy and give him a favorite treat for encouragement. If you see that the dog is preparing to go to the toilet outside the tray, then strictly say “fu” or “not” and transfer it to the tray. In no case should you scold a dog already in the tray: it will form hostility to this place, and training will go with difficulty. When the puppy begins to understand what they want from him, then immediately after being placed in the tray, he will begin to relieve himself. Therefore, the next step will be to teach the dog to independently determine that it is time to go to the toilet. Usually, during this period, the owner already knows how often this happens and knows the natural rhythms of his pet. At the right time, the puppy should be called to the tray and say the selected command. At the same time, the number of trays is gradually reduced to one.


Problems and Proofing Behavior

To teach your puppy to pee the owner will need to have strong nerves and patience. Remember, an animal is not a programmed mechanism. The dog is physically unable to do business the first time. You should tolerate and persistently teach. The persistence shown together with patience will gradually achieve an excellent result.

The process of toilet training at the age of 4-5 months goes smoothly and gives results. If time passes to no avail, analyze the actions taken. With incorrect training, the result will not wait. Do not blame your own mistakes on the dog. You get the dog to pee. Try to find and identify errors. Do not forget about constant training. Do not think that an adult is not able to present such unpleasant surprises. Sometimes in the process toilet training, an incorrect attitude towards pets (physical punishment, too aggressive behavior of the owner) provokes undesirable actions: the dogs begin to pee at home and don’t have full control over their bladder. Sometimes this happens when, having started a breed that requires extremely strict upbringing, a person is not able or afraid to properly influence the dog. The dog instantly teaches slack, starting to displace the owner from the position of leader. Inexperienced owners, considering that the dog has reached a mature stage, it is possible to relax, make another mistake. The pet should be given time continuously, regardless of age. A dog sometimes suffers from a lack of attention - a characteristic reason if an adult dog begins to crap at home. When starting any dog, clearly understand that now life will change. Have to look after a new living creature. To educate, feed and constantly devote time. Then the pet will be extremely pleased.

The markets have a wide range of products designed for the mentioned purposes; a dog tray with grass imitating the street has recently become popular. It is instinctively easier for a pet to get used to a similar toilet. Our apartment dog potty is designed with premium, high quality material that is strong and not easy to shed to last years of use even for the busiest pet. Comfortable, lush and soft to the touch, makes it perfect for kids and pet playing. The specified type of home toilet for a dog is used constantly or seasonally, which is convenient in the winter season, when it is cold outside, and the pet is able to catch a cold from frequent walks. Such a tray is a great solution for people who are absent for a long time and forced to leave the pet alone.

Never give up and stay consistent! The dog will always respond to your care and love. Let your pet be the most obedient and healthy.