BringerPet | Dog Water Fountain | Outdoor Hose Attachment | Eco-Friendly Dog Self Serve Water Fountain (Step On)

$44.45 $70
  • CONTINUOUS FRESH WATER FOR YOUR DOG. Our fountain ensures that your dog can quench his/her thirst 24/7, even in your absence. Never worry about forgetting to refill the pet bowls again.
  • Self-Service ENCOURAGES MORE CONSUMPTION and satisfies pets' cravings with flowing water which improves overall health. The fountain also eliminates the risk of drinking dirty water.
  • EASY TO USE. The fountain can be conveniently connected to a faucet or hose. The fountain offers a gentle stream and a simple push on the paw design allows for easy adjustment of the stream force!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY. Our fountain boasts a sturdy metallic build, durable hose, and BRASS VALVE in comparison to a standard plastic one. High-quality paint ensures high rust resistance. 
  • EASY SETUP. Interactive training manual included* - makes it easy to teach your pup how to use the fountain with fun. It also includes a special crane Y adapter for hoses. Don't miss this unbeatable deal!

Don’t deprive your pets of fresh drinking water because of a busy schedule or lack of time to refill water bowls. Our fountain offers a private tap for your beloved pet, and a fresh stream of water when needed!

No batteries, no power supply, and no need for a filter. Certainly the best dog fountain ever.


Material: iron metal

Hose length: 40 inches

Paddle Size: 9. 3, 9. 4, 2. 1 (L, W, H)

Paddle weight: 3.7lbs