Should I feed my dog dry food or wet food?

Choosing the food that best suits your four-legged friend can be a challenge. In addition to choosing one option from the endless range of brands and compositions, as a dog owner, you can also have to make a selection from different forms of food. You probably prefer to go for a dog food that is complete, healthy, affordable and easy to use. Ready-to-eat dog food that you buy in pet stores, such as dry food and wet food, is complete. This doesn't make your choice any easier! Fortunately, when choosing between dry dog ​​food and wet dog food, you can take into account the benefits of both choices.

What is dry dog ​​food?

Dry dog ​​food is, as the name implies, dry. It contains little water, usually only between 7 and 10%. The moisture from the ingredients is extracted from the chunks, making this food very compact. Typically, dry chunks contain starch to hold them together as a whole.

What are the benefits of dry dog ​​food?

Dry dog ​​food has a number of advantages over wet dog food.

Long shelf life

Due to the low moisture content, dry food has a long shelf life. Bags of dry food can usually be stored in a dry place for months. Dry food also does not need to be kept cool. You are, therefore, spared unwanted odors in the refrigerator. Furthermore, chunks, in contrast to wet food, remain tasty even if they are left in a food bowl for a longer time.


Dry dog ​​food is usually cheaper than wet food, which is especially attractive if you have large dogs.

Healthy teeth

Some brands of dry dog ​​food consist of kibble in different shapes, sizes and textures. Because your four-legged friend has to chew this well, these chunks contribute to healthier and cleaner teeth. On the other hand, certain types of lumps quickly disintegrate, causing food debris to stick between your dog’s teeth and molars, resulting in plaque and tartar. If you want to prevent this, we recommend opting for 'dental' dog food. These chunks crumble less and are larger, requiring the dog to chew them well.

What is wet dog food?

Wet dog food can be moist or semi-moist and consists of 60 to about 85% moisture. Wet food is available in bags or cans.

What are the benefits of wet dog food?

Lightly digestible

Wet food is easily digestible and often contains only half the number of calories compared to dry food. This minimizes the chances of your dog becoming overweight.

Reduced risk of urinary tract infections

Because wet dog food contains a lot of moisture, the risk of urinary tract infections is smaller than when using dry dog ​​food.

Full of flavor

Most dogs love wet dog food! It consists mainly of meat and vegetables and is a treat for its appealing aroma and taste. Wet food is ideal for loyal housemates who do not like food or who have little appetite.

Combine dry and wet dog food

Both wet dog food and dry dog ​​food have their own benefits. That is why it is a good idea to combine both and also use dental care products. With a daily mix of 50% dry food and 50% wet food, your pet will enjoy the benefits of both textures. The best way to do this is to give your dog dry food in the morning and wet food in the evening. This way you keep the food varied, healthy and tasty.

Tip: Is your dog a moderate kibble eater? In that case, mix the kibble with wet food to make it more attractive and easier to eat.