Top 3 places for socializing your puppy

If you know what dog socialization is and how you can best go about it and you are looking for good ideas on where to do it, then you have come to the right article. In this article, we will tell you about our three favorite puppy socialization locations.

The market

farmer's market

Nowadays, dogs are not welcome in many shopping centers. But farmer’s markets are often held in places where you are allowed to go with your puppy, making them a great location for socialization. Markets are often busy, which is why you will find people who stand still and give your puppy attention, as well as people who walk on and ignore your puppy. A puppy needs to get used to both behaviors, otherwise, it'll love people so much that it'll do whatever it takes to get them to interact.
There are plenty of people of different ages, genders and body types at markets. You can also usually check both walkers and prams off your list here. And don't forget the people behind the stalls, with a bit of luck they will make a lot of noise because they often call out their offers loudly.

The station

subway station

Squeaky gates, racing trains and a lot of people in a hurry. We probably don't need to tell you more to show you that you don't want to miss the station in the socialization phase. Please note, it is important that your puppy experiences everything in a positive way. So make sure your pup is comfortable during the visit and sees new things from a distance first.

The forest on a weekday

forest trail

You read that correctly, this is not only a location but also a specific moment. The reason behind this is that the people you meet in the woods during the week are likely to walk their dogs a lot. On the weekend, however, you also meet a lot of people, for whom the forest is 'the outing of the month' for their dog. This gives the animal a lot of pent-up energy and that is not a good combination with a puppy.

It is also quieter on weekdays. This is the easiest way to keep the experience fun. If your dog doesn’t find other dogs exciting, then on a weekday you will have an opportunity to look at other dogs from a distance and together find a quiet friend that can teach your puppy that other dogs are actually not scary at all.