Why should buy dog steps and stairs?

Each pet owner makes everything possible to make his beloved pet always happy.

In the event that you need to provide the dog with easy access to her house or yours, you are sure to purchase foam pet stairs. With its help, you can conduct classes with your pet, as well as provide access to the pet's favorite places (bed, chair). Especially dog steps and stairs will be indispensable if you have a small decorative dog at home: toy terrier, Italian greyhound, Chihuahua Hua. They have very fragile bones, so jumping even from low heights can cause them significant damage. This can result in dislocation, fracture. If the dog is expecting offspring, then they become even more dangerous, since the increased weight of the dog two or more times can lead to the death of puppies when jumping. So it's really important to find and choose doggie stairs for your four-legged friend.

Among the many accessories offered by brands to dog breeders, foam pet stairs for pets are especially popular today. The material in this article will tell you what it is, whether dogs need it, and what the main nuances of choosing such an item may be.

The types of dog stairs

A dog ladder is a small ladder, usually of a small number of steps. This item is used in many ways:

  1. In one case, it is a functional product through which the pet uses it in order to climb onto a sofa, bed, or bath.
  2. In another case, it is a 'two-in-one' item, which, in addition to the stairs, turns into a comfortable bed for decorative dogs. This thing is necessary for short-legged dogs, which, due to their physiology, cannot jump too high.

As a rule, models have two to five steps, which is enough width for the dog's movement. And also these products are good for large dogs, limited in movement due to illness or injury.
With the help of 5 step pet stairs, the dog can freely get to his chair without injuring the joints of the limbs. Often carpeted 5 step pet stair is bought only for the comfort of a dog, which is typical for breeders who like to have their pets bask with them while sleeping.

In the manufacture of the bedside of multi-stage pet stairs, brands use different raw materials. For example, materials such as wood, plastic, metal, rubber have found active use here. A separate line uses a modern spring-type filler. Manufacturers use soft and hard materials as upholstery, the quality of which determines the durability of products and their quality characteristics.
For example, it can be a combination of metal and wood, wood and textiles, wood, and rubber.
Plastic ladders are less comfortable for dogs because they are short-lived, not resistant to mechanical damage, and are not designed for large dogs. Their only advantage is the price, and they are only suitable for mini-dogs.
Wooden models are stable, have a strong and reliable frame, massive, but at the same time durable. Often, their steps are upholstered with rubberized material, due to which the pet does not slip when going up and down.

Metal structures are good for the possibility of transformation. They do not take up much space, they can have different types of overlays on the steps, differ in ergonomics, and fit perfectly into the interior design of most rooms in the home. These products are good for small ornamental type dogs that are light in weight. If necessary and desired, the owner of the dog can independently make another cover for such mini carpeted 5 step pet stairs.

Who should buy dog steps and stairs?

Dog steps are required in such cases:

  • You need stairs for short-legged dogs when they cannot jump. Often a small dog can jump onto the bed but is already afraid to jump off, so it wakes you up in the middle of the night or waits half a day until you get home to take it off.
  • Also, pet steps for pets with trouble reaching elevated surface should be considered- for some breeds of decorative dogs who are not advised to overload to jump for high bed.
  • For older dogs that already have a hard time, jumping-step easy pet stairs are a necessity.
  • For pregnant breeds.
  • For overweight dogs, it is also not recommended to overload the joints, so don’t forget to choose and buy pet stairs for large dogs.

If you care about dog, it will not be difficult to accustom your dog to such steps. In a playful way, your pet will jump and run on it in a few days.

How to train your dog to use dog steps for bed

Showing your puppy how to utilize canine steps requires a great deal of persistence and recognition. Right off the bat, you should put the doggie stairs in any place you're anticipating your friend using them. For a day or two, permit your dog to become accustomed to their essence. If you want your dog to consider foam stairs with comfort and satisfaction -give him praise any time your dog approaches the stairs.

Likewise, with most canine preparing, you'll need to have yummy pets treats close by. So how to Train Your Dog to Use Dog Steps? At that point, follow these straightforward tips to get your dog started:

1) Place the foam pet stairs close to an especially comfortable household item. Your bed or a lounge chair are extraordinary options. The aim is to pick up a household item that your pet would be glad to get onto.
2) Place a few treats on each progression of the canine stairs and let your pet note the treats. You won't need to put treats on the doggie stairs each time the pet uses them. You simply need the dog strides to establish a great first connection at this moment.
3) Each time your dog use pet stairs, acclaim him and feed him additional treats.
4) As soon as your pet brings off the top of the stairs, let him relax.
5) To fix the result of teaching, repeat steps 3-5 times in reverse.


You may need to rehash the methodology a few times before your four-legged friend begins to go up and down of foam stairs when treats are not there. In case you see you see your canine utilizing the stairs when you haven't put treats there, acclaim and pet your canine, and possibly give him a reward treat or two.


How To Choose The Best Dog Stairs?

The choice of a staircase for dogs is subject to a number of criteria. The key ones are the weight and size of the animal, its physiology, paw height, activity. For example, dogs with a calm temperament can buy a version of small width. If your pet does not have its own bed, it makes sense to think about buying a two-in-one option by purchasing a ladder with a built-in house for your pet.

It makes no sense to calculate the degree of comfort of ascent and descent, but it is not difficult to understand how comfortable it is for the dog. The width and depth of the steps should be optimally sufficient, but not excessive. For example, a small dog can buy a product with a wide first step, which can be arranged under a couch, supplemented with soft bedding.

The degree of safety matters. To prevent the dog from falling over when moving to the side, you can take a closer look at products with sides. If the ladder to be purchased is needed only temporarily, it is best to choose a folding option. It can be stored unnecessarily in a closet or under a bed, or even hidden in a sofa drawer.

For a pregnant dog, you can choose a safe and at the same time best dog stairs steps that will not fall off. Here it is quite appropriate to purchase a slide model that will eliminate the possibility of stumbling. The same will apply to an old animal, which, due to its age and state of health, cannot once again raise its paws and jump when it once again wants to sit next to its owner on the sofa. The same rule applies to dogs that have undergone surgery. A ladder in the form of a slide will maximize the prevention of the stumbling of the animal, which will exclude the likelihood of seams diverging or new injuries.

As we stated earlier, nowadays you can choose among the best pet supplies foam one variant of doggie stairs which you may consider the most suitable for your beloved pet-friend.

Reasons to buy dog stairs on BringerPet

We reviewed dozens of foam stairs for dogs while looking for the best of the best. We considered a product’s safety, ease of use, customer ratings, storability, visual appeal, and versatility to find the best possible product. After careful consideration, we narrowed to search down to 1 of the absolute best staircase for pets pet parents can buy - BringerPet Pet stairs for tall bed Foam Pet steps White 5 Step Dog Cat Animal Ramp.

Let’s consider the advantages of buying our stairs:

  •  The 5-steps is great for dogs and cats to access beds, SUV's and Pick-up trucks. Most importantly it will help pets with join or aging problems to access their beloved spots.
  • They are made from foam that's light in weight for movement but still steady enough for pets to run up and down. The bottom of our steps is made from non-slip material which keeps the step where they are. The removable outer cover of our steps are made from ultra-soft fleece fabric and is machine washable.
  • They are sturdy enough for her to climb up into the bed then safely back down again without any help.
  •  No assembly required it's one big piece.
  •  Very nice height and width to it.

Puppies and representatives of small breeds amaze with their energy and activity. Dogs are constantly on the move, they study everything around them and love to be close to their adored mistress.

When planning to have a tailed family member, do not forget to take care of his comfort and safety in advance-choose and buy deep dog steps pet. The apartment is a real springboard for a crumb, where danger can await almost at every step. Foam dog steps for bed are an indispensable accessory in every home!