9 best products for cleaning up dog hair

Life is better with a dog, every dog ​​owner knows that. Unfortunately, life isn't always easier with a dog, we know that too. Because no matter how much you love your four-legged friend, it sometimes seems like your dog loses its own weight in hair every week.
Vacuuming every day? Great idea. Moping every week? Yep… But you can still find dog hair everywhere. It’s in places you didn't even know existed and sometimes it can seem like dog fur has merged with your furniture.
So for everyone who has to work their way through a layer of dog hair on the couch, carpet or car seats every day, we have prepared a list of the best tools that will help you keep your home free of hair.

1. Lint roller

This is a true classic. Small, cheap and handy, a lint roller will help you quickly remove the dog hair from your clothes. The only disadvantage is that you can only clean small surfaces with it.
Are you short on cash, or do you not have a lint roller at hand? A piece of tape can also work wonders. Roll some tape around your hand or hold a piece of tape with both hands, stick it on the area you want to clean and gently pull it off. Like the lint roller, the tape trick works best on fabric surfaces.

2. Brush glove

With this glove you can kill 2 birds with 1 stone: simply pet your dog with it to brush away loose hair or run it over the sofa, chair or cushions to make them hair-free.

3. Fluff brush

Brushing, brushing, brushing. As a dog owner, it can sometimes seem like that’s all you're doing all day long. But it works! With a fluff brush, you can easily and quickly remove all remaining dog hair and fluff from your clothes or furniture.
The idea is similar to that of a lint roller but because you don't have to buy a new roll every time with this brush, it is a more durable and cheaper option.

4. Rubber broom

Officially, these types of brooms are intended for hairdressers who want to quickly and easily sweep up all hair after a haircut but in practice, they work just as well for dog owners who want to get rid of dog hair on the floor.
The broom works on almost all types of floors, from tiles and laminate to carpet. And thanks to the adjustable bar, your back won't hurt after using it.

5. KONG Zoom Groom

The sturdy, yet soft rubber teeth of this brush easily remove loose hair from your dog's coat, while also giving the skin a subtle massage. You will almost want to use it for yourself!
Since it is a rubber brush, you can use it on both wet and dry hair. There are different options for short and long-haired dogs.

6. Dyson V7 Animal Extra Vacuum Cleaner

Feel free to call this vacuum cleaner the Ferrari of vacuum cleaners. It's certainly not cheap but if you have the budget, it's one of the best buys you can make in the fight against dog hair (and dust in general).
The vacuum cleaner is light, powerful, works on all types of floors and has no cord. Do you have a smaller budget? Then there are many other, cheaper models that are specially made for vacuuming hair.

7. FURminator

If the Dyson vacuum cleaner is the Ferrari of vacuum cleaners, then the FURminator is the Porsche of the dog grooming tools. Thanks to their proprietary technique, these brushes can get loose hair out of even the most complex dog coats without damaging the skin.
They are compact, easy to use, efficient and inexpensive. In our opinion, the FURminator is a real must-have.

8. Fur-zoff durable hair remover

The makers of this hair remover get a ribbon for their honesty on the packaging: “It's not pretty, but it works!”. And they are right. The Fur-zoff acts like a sponge and helps to remove dog hair from even the most difficult to reach corners, such as in the back of your car or between the cushions of the sofa.

9. Rubber gloves

Yes really. It's almost too good to be true, but ordinary rubber cleaning gloves can do an amazing job at removing your pets' hair.
Simply put on your gloves, dampen them just a little bit and then get loose on any furniture and clothes covered in hair.


As a dog owner, you've probably already resigned yourself to the fact that dog hair in your bed, on your couch, in the washing machine and in all your clothes is a reality that even the best cleaning and brushing work won't get you to.
Still, we hope the tips, hacks and products above will help your home and belongings become at least a little bit cleaner.