How can you entertain your cat at home?

Cats love to have fun as much as we humans do - and sometimes more! Luckily, the BringerPet team knows the best ways to keep your cats busy so you NEVER run out of ideas!


1. Time for toys!

Who doesn't like games? Whether it's a game console, phone, or an old-fashioned game of cards, we all have our own ways of distracting ourselves when we're home. Cats are the same - they need a variety of fun toys too!
You can turn your home into an adventure playground by purchasing a cat tree. This is a combination of scratching posts, platforms, hanging toys and hidden holes for your cat to climb on, in and over to its heart's content!
Not only will the many possible cat tree configurations keep your cat occupied for hours, but it will also divert their attention from scratching your precious furniture.
We understand that large cat furniture can be pricey and that this option is not for everyone. Don't worry, it won't make your cat love you any less! Below, we have listed a number of more budget-friendly games that your cat will definitely love!
TIP: Make sure you have different toys and that you alternate the games below regularly. This will keep your cat on its toes and prevent it from getting bored!

2. Let's explore!

It doesn't always have to be electric toys and multi-platform cat trees! Your cat will also be happy with a cardboard box, tube, or paper bag (no plastic!).
Cats are explorers by nature. They love to discover new spaces - and even more than that, they love to squeeze themselves into those spaces for a cozy feeling! Boxes, tubes and bags provide endless possibilities to play hide and seek and peek-a-boo. You could even try filling a box with toys and cutting holes in the box so your cat can 'chase' the toy in and get it out.

Boxes, tubes and paper bags are free, safe*, and easily replaceable ways to entertain your cat for hours.

*IMPORTANT: Don't forget to cut the handles off of paper bags before letting your cat play with them. If your cat gets stuck in them, it can be dangerous.

3. Hunting is fun!

Cats love treats, they love toys and they love to hunt. So why not combine all three?!
Interactive food bowls are a great way to mentally stimulate your cat by letting it play with toys and rewarding it with a tasty snack. Imagine that every time you won your favorite game on your phone, the game gave you a delicious piece of chocolate. That's exactly how your beloved cat will feel!
Alternatively, you can try hiding and scattering food around your house so your cat can try to find it. You can hide sweets under a rug, behind a table leg or in an empty toilet roll. This way your cat will use its mind AND body, and will certainly not get bored!

4. A window to the world!

Sometimes it's just fun to stare out the window - for cats too! Please note, this 'game' does not apply to all cats. Some cats experience stress when they see another cat or dog walking outside while staring in the window.
If all goes well and your cat enjoys looking through the window, you can help it by placing a shelf or other furniture close to the window to give your cat a place to enjoy the view. Cats love to watch the world from a high viewpoint, so leave the curtains open and windows closed to let your cat enjoy this simple form of entertainment safely! Birds, flies, a leaf that blows past the window and people walking by... there is always something happening in front of the window.

5. Help your cat relax!

After a long day of playing and adventure, a wonderful relaxation is more than desired. So make sure that the place where your cat sleeps is as fun and relaxing as possible!
Your cat's bed should be super comfortable and they should always have access to it when they want to take it easy. They will be even more relaxed if they have all their essentials nearby, such as food, water, litter box and scratching post. Placing the scratching post next to the cat’s sleeping place is a good idea as cats love to be able to fully stretch as soon as they wake up.

6. And finally ...

... don't forget that your cat is at its happiest when it can play with its favorite human. You are the best toy in the world: a cat tree to climb, a bed to sleep on and a buddy to play with - all put together! So even if your cat is bored with paper bags and electric toys, they will always be able to have the best time ever with their best friend in the world: YOU!