Why You Should Buy a Water Fountain for Your Pet

Dog is not a human being. He can`t speak human language, stroll on two legs or eat with the spoon. Anyway, much the same as you, he can feel, stress and express his feelings. And if you truly attracted to your pet-friend and want to figure out how to understand him,buy dog water fountain which 100% will be luxury item for your dog. Everything that needed is to decide which one to buy. We`ll discuss in our article about water fountains and its types and how to teach your dog to use it.

Water is a life

Water is perhaps the most necessary substance for any living organism on our planet.

Adequate water intake is important for your pet’s overall health. For normal life and maintaining a healthy condition, the dog should be fed and drink water regularly.

The easiest way to protect your dog from harmful substances is to give it filtered water. Like most living organisms on earth, a dog’s body is largely composed of water. Normally, healthiest drinking water dose contains about 6 liters of water for every 10 kilograms of weight of an adult dog and they need water for almost all vital functions of the body. Water plays an important role in the dog’s adaptability to changing external temperatures and maintaining optimal body temperature.

Water is the basis of the body. Without it, the animal`s body cannot function normally. Water helps in the digestion of food, the absorption of nutrients and their movement throughout of body. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that the pet has access to clean water, but it is also important to monitor the amount of liquid consumed.

If the body does not have enough water…

Owners who are asked why a dog drinks a lot of water, but eats little or no water, should know that the probability of the presence of any disease is about 90%.

With a decrease in water intake in the body - dehydration occurs. This condition is dangerous, as blood thickens, the metabolism in the body is disrupted, since all chemical transformations occur only in aqueous solutions. Outwardly, it is characterized by general weakness, decreased skin elasticity, dry visible mucous membranes (oral cavity, nose, conjunctiva), and eyeballs retraction. With the progression of dehydration, a shock condition (hypovolemic shock) develops and, if the fluid loss is not compensated in time, death occurs.

Dehydration should not be confused with blood loss - this is not the same thing, there is a fundamental difference between the two concepts. During dehydration, the animal’s body loses only water and electrolytes, while blood loss (red blood cells) and blood plasma proteins, which are so necessary for the normal functioning of the animal’s body, are lost.

There are several degrees of dehydration, but at home, it is difficult for owners to determine the degree of dehydration on their own.

The following symptoms should alert you:

-An early sign of dehydration in dogs is lethargy, bad mood, depression

-Your pet has a decrease or complete lack of appetite and (or) refusal to drink for one, maximum two days


- KIDNEY DISEASES- Renal failure, expressed in acute form, can lead to dehydration in literally a day.

-DIABETES- The disease occurs due to the fact that the dog's pancreas is subjected to destructive processes and ceases to produce such an important protein for the body as insulin. It is with its help that carbohydrate metabolism is carried out.

- BEHAVIORAL DEVIATIONS- It is formed against the background of dehydration in dogs or puppies who have recently stopped drinking breast milk. The disease is difficult to treat and requires the intervention of a qualified veterinary neurologist who is able to develop an effective therapeutic regimen to affect the sick animal.

If you observe repeated vomiting or the presence of loose stools for several hours, a maximum of one day, as well as high fever and increased volume of urination.

Such symptoms are characteristic of many diseases, therefore, if at least one of the above symptoms occurs in your pet, you should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Before arriving at the clinic, you can try to forcefully drink water from a spoon, syringe or syringe and try to give food, but only if the animal does not vomit, if vomiting is present, then you do not need to give anything inside, because This provokes new bouts of vomiting and exacerbates the situation.

Types of dog fontains

Have you ever noticed that if you put a large bowl in front of your pet with freshly poured still water and the same bowl, but with circulating water, the cat or dog will give preference to the second. And this is not the fault-finding of the animal, but an instinct that directs to a source of water with a lot of oxygen. Satisfy the natural instinct of your pet and buy a correct fountain for him. Let`s have a look at the classification of water fountains and its pros and corns:

Basically all fountains can be of 2 types: indoor and outdoor, each of them are very popular. Usually they`re BPA-free and UV-resistant and have large water capacity with big, deep bowl. One more pros is that the opportunity to be used both indoors and outdoors.

Considering the fact that the fountain can be quickly set up outdoors in the backyard, garden or in your preferred location in the house, let’s have a look at some fountains that can be placed both indoors and outdoors.


1) Electric Dog Water Fountains-are the most expensive type as they offer many benefits. You may choose the preferable fountain among its wide variety of styles and types. Electric Fountains are considered as a great option, but still they have disadvantages. One of them is that you should place fountain close to the electrical outlet as they need a power cord.

2) Automatic Pet Water Fountains-are modest and basic dog water allocators  . All that you have to do is to fill a container with water and flip around it into the bowl. It ought to keep up the steady water level. However, such kind of wellsprings doesn't have all advantages as other drinking fountains.

3) Pet Fountain Water Dispenser with pump- such types commonly have 4 filters and silicone mat which is designed to protect surfaces. Its recommended for indoor usage and best for small or medium sized pets. Also this type stands to be low energy which is perfect for indoor use.

4) Pet Fountain Healthy and Hygienic Drinking Fountain- tend to be small which provide proper water filtration, one more pros that is BPA-free. One of the benefits of its type, is that system permits to regulate the flow of water to satisfy your pet.

5) Dog Drinking Water Fountain Step On- its innovatory, fertile and self –serve fountain -discharges a boundless customizable stream of water when your pet steps on the switch plate and stop when he steps away. It's developed from substantial measure steel for quality and toughness, has a watertight copper valve. An incredible answer for help to keep your pet appropriately hydrated.

6) Continuous water fountains-produce an ongoing stream of fresh water. This present unit's enormous surface zone encourages add more oxygen to the water, which gives fresher, better tasting water for your pet. Its recommended that cartridges be substituted weekly if you use it for a couple of pets; and monthly for single pet use.

Looking for a pet fountain? BringerPet outdoor dog water drinking fountain is definitely designed for your pet.

Our wellspring guarantees that your pet can extinguish his/her thirst day in and day out, even if you`re absent for a long time.

That`s probably the best step on dog self-serve water fountain. This is dog activated pet fountain dispenses the water when the dog pushes the paddle.

Our fountain flaunts a durable metallic form, solid hose, and metal valve in contrast with a usual plastic. The phenomenal paint ensures high impenetrability to rust. Its both sleek and sterile, suggested for outside utilization.   Water bowl offers a delicate stream and a basic push on the paw configuration takes into account simple change of the stream power in.

The fountain is reasonable for open air use so you can put it in your back yard to give your pet reward during recess, set it up and it's prepared to utilize. Full directions on the most proficient method to do this are incorporated with the fountain.


Pros And Cons Of Water Fountains For Pets

Getting a drinking fountain will be probably the best speculation you can make for your pet.

The advantages are:

1) Provides fresh and clean water: the water is continually flowing, so it eliminates microscopic organisms and other awful stuff in your pet's water. Likewise, if your pet heads outside, a water fountain urges them to drink clean water, instead of lake, waterway or other standing water that they'd find outside.

2) Simple and hassle-free maintenance: choose a water fountain that is lightly colored so that you can easily see spots and dirt, which would tell you when you have to clean the unit.

3) Decreases worry that your pet came up short on water while you are away from home

4) Water fountains encourage dog to drink water more since it seems like a toy

And here are some points to consider as disadvantages:

1) Filters can become clogged due to excessive dog saliva: you need to change the filter  on time in order to keep it clean.

2) Sound of water splashing is a bit distracting for both cats and dogs

3)Before using the fountain you should teach your pet to use it , as usually dogs prefer chew their new toys and as a result water hose may be easily destroyed.



How to teach your pupy to use the fountain

Drinking regime is an important component of animal health. If the dog drinks too much water or does not want to drink at all - such signs may indicate the presence of various diseases. In order to prevent the deterioration of the pet's health, you need to know how to maintain drinking regime and teach your puppy drink more water.

1) Choose and buy dog water fountain toy for your pet-friend. This is excellent product which provides with fresh and clean water 24/7 and you`ll be sure that your pet has an access to fresh water any time.

2) Place the fountain in the place where your pet is lying the most often.

3)Let your dog some time to get used for the new water drinking toy.Some puppies might be scared of the new toy which appeared in your house,allow some time for your pet familiarize itself with the fountain.

4) Make sure that the fountain you bought is not a noisy one.

5) Reward your pet. If you noticed that your dog started using the fountain, give it small treat. This will help to encourage drinking water more.

6) Do not punish your four-legged friend for not using the drinking fountain.Dont yell or strike your pet if he doesn’t drink from the fountain. He might consider these actions were fearful and associate drinking fountain as a dangerous one.

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